Just trying to save moments before they pass.

Kaushal Kharkwal

Just trying to save moments before they pass.

19. January 2014

  1. That Einstein freaking not only he wasted his life, he did same to me and many more like me #Sourabh Jain the only person who could insult Einstein :D 
  2. After seeing his grandmother one of my friend in humor says “Oh! you still alive” -  His grandma is amazing woman.
3. January 2014

All we need to do is remember…..of the times we’ve shared and the lessons we’ve learned. Even if it’s from a corner, somewhere, somehow. When trolled down the memory line the conclusion of each step we take leads to definite and sometimes indefinite journey of life, once upon a time i thought the grass will always be green, the spring season will stay forever. Was i wrong! no i won’t say, it would be right enough to say i moved to a direction where the spring lasted for few months i was in realm of human behavior.

Wake Me Up (Official Video) by Avicii 

Substitute Teacher: Key & Peele

The idea was to keep the foreground blur to capture the light in background.

No name

Just the song after a long day at work. There is something magical about this song and voice of Nina Simone. 

Of Monsters and Men- One more amazing band from iceland.